Alex Balag



Making of: Purple and whales

Model: Silvana

Make-up: Laura Bâlc

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  1. mda…interesant

  2. Really like the nice & clean close-up from the side. The make-up, the look on the subject’s face and the hand gesture – they all add up to a very interesting effect.

    Congratulations on immortalizing this!

    And (even if a week behind) have a great 2010!

  3. A great year to you too, Adi! ;) Thank you!

  4. faina, clara, plac culorile :) bravo, maestre :)

  5. Pai da, esti maestru … se vede si dupa cate comentarii ai :D


  6. Multumesc Multumesc Multumesc ^:)^ :P

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